Young Adults Survival Guide To Moving Back Home – Part 4: Have an Attitude of Service

This blog is part 4 in a 5 part series talking about my real life experience moving in with my in laws for a time.  Read parts 1, 2, and 3.

I find this to be good life advice in general, but I knew that this would be key once we were in the house. 

As gracious and wonderful as my wife’s parents are, we always had in the back our minds the fear that we could be seen as “freeloaders” inside the house.  Along with determining a time-frame for our stay, we also committed that if we were going to be living in a house that was not our own, we were going to become productive members of that house and contribute to the daily work.  Things like helping to cook meals, taking out the dogs, putting the trash cans on the curb, cleaning each room, etc.  

We wanted to serve her parents just as much as they were serving us in allowing us to stay with them.

Changing your attitude and mindset is a skill (read our blog about gratitude and mindset here), just like budgeting, and any skill can be learned. 

Find tasks that are in your skill set (if you’re a terrible cook, maybe don’t volunteer to cook dinner) and commit to them.  I guarantee it will be appreciated around the house. 

I’m happy to talk about more specifics and advice. Leave a comment, DM, or email me at

David Koch

David Koch

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