What Is The Deal With Appraisals For Refinances These Days?

When you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you hear all kinds of stories. Some of the worst stories lately have been related to appraisals for refinancing.

We cannot pick who your appraiser will be or predict their opinion of your property’s value. We can, however, offer you some advice to hopefully avoid a horror story of your own.

We recommend that you do 3 things:

1.When you are contacted to have your appraisal scheduled, make a note of:

•The person you spoke with on the phone
•The date and time you were contacted
•The date and time your appraisal is scheduled
•The name of the appraiser that will be coming to your home
•Call or email Two Roads Lending and give us this information

2.When the appraiser comes to your home:

•Ask for the appraiser’s card when then arrive at your home and hang on to it
•Ask to see a copy of their photo id
•If you have any information on recent sales in your area, give copies of it to your appraiser
•If you have recently purchased your home and made some upgrades, itemize these details and give them to the appraiser. Note what was done and the cost of the improvements.
what was done and the cost of the improvements. Give the appraiser that itemization.

3.Contact us and let us know when the appraiser has left.

If you follow this advice and still believe you have been treated unfairly by your appraiser, contact us and we can tell you how to file a complaint.

Ken Webster

Ken Webster

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